Windows Vista Data Recovery

The Windows Vista is the Operating System from Microsoft Corporation. With the introduction of this OS, there was a drastic change of the features compared to the previous version of the OS. It came out with lots of added features like, family safety settings, Windows calendar, Windows Media Player, Windows Movie Maker, games, etc. You can enjoy these features and make most of it. You can save lots of data on it of different file types in different partitions of it.

The files from your Vista might be lost at times. If it is because of your negligence then you will be in a misery. You had lost some of the files from the Vista all of a sudden. When you try to find out the cause for it, you find that you had lost it after anti-virus scan. The files might be infected and deleted by the anti-virus or the files might have not recognized by the anti-virus program due to programming error. What can be done in that situation? Don’t worry; you can recover the lost files from Vista using data recovery software. Effective Windows Vista data recovery can be performed using Data Recovery Program.

Some of the common scenarios in which you will lose the data from Windows Vista:

Empty Recycle Bin: The Recycle Bin when emptied, all the files from the computer will be deleted permanently. The Recycle Bin might be emptied by you to improve the speed performance of the computer or to remove the junk files. If you had some important files in the Recycle Bin which you did not notice and emptied the Bin then you can recover those files using recovery software.

Format: The drive on the computer might be formatted if needed. When you format, the files on the drive will be lost and you will not be able to access the important data on it. Therefore you should always take the backup of the data before formatting. If not then you need recovery software to get back the files from the formatted drive.

OS corruption: The OS can get corrupted for several reasons like worms’ invasion, improper installation, registry file corruption, etc. In that situation, the files on the system go inaccessible. If you do not have the backup of the data then you can recover those files using recovery software. Data Recovery Program helps you to recover the files easily.

Bad sectors: The hard drive when used for many days then there are chances of the hard drive getting worn out. This forms the bad sectors on the hard drive. As a result you will not be able to access the data on the hard drive. In that case, you can recover the files using recovery software. Data Recovery Program helps you to recover the files.

Important features of Data Recovery Program:

The Data Recovery Program helps you perform Windows Vista data recovery in short span of time. This is possible with the powerful scanning mechanism of the software. You can recover files of up to 300 file types using the software. You can add the files to the list of the files that can be scanned by the software. The user interface is very simple that anyone can recover the files using the software. You can even recover files from flash drive, external hard drive, iPod, memory card, etc. drives on your Vista using the software, dig this. The software can even recover data from Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS. The software requires less storage space to be installed. You need not to rescan the drive as you can save the recovery session and resume it whenever you need to save the file. If you are a Mac user then you can even recover files from Mac computers using the special version of the software for Mac. To know more about the software, try the demo version.

Simple steps to recover data from Windows Vista:

Step 1: Download and install Data Recovery Program on your Windows Vista computer. After installation select the option of recovering files depending on the loss scenario as shown in the figure below and proceed.

Windows Vista Data Recovery - Main screen

Step 2: Select the Windows Vista drive from which data is lost and scan it.

Windows Vista Data Recovery - Select drive

Step 3: After scanning, the files are displayed on the screen in “FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW”. Preview the files and save those on the computer.

Windows Vista Data Recovery - View in file type or data type

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