Easy to Use Program for Restoring Deleted/Lost Pictures

People always love to take picture when they are with their family, friends or colleagues in some special events. Advancement in the technology field has changed the entire concept of taking photos and method of saving them on storage media. Instead of saving pictures on printing paper, they are initially stored on the memory card used in digital devices in the form of digital files commonly known as RAW image files. Digital cameras, camcorders, smartphones and other digital gadgets are used to capture pictures in digital form. Digital photographs are easy to shoot, require no extra effort and very convenient to use. These digital pictures can later be transferred to hard drive or external storage drive when memory card space becomes full.

Despite these advantages, loss of photos is unavoidable in some cases. You will feel sad for losing some valuable photos as a consequence of accidental deletion, format and other issues with the memory card or any storage media. Then there is a picture recovery program which helps to restore your precious photos.

Pictures recovery program ensures you to restore picture. It is a smart application, which supports fast and secure recovery of pictures. By using this software it is possible to recover digital pictures from SD card, USB flash drives, external USB hard drives, SDXC, SDHC, MMC, micro SD memory cards, iPod and from other media storage devices. It supports recovery of all popular photo formats like PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PAM, PPM, WEBP, PFM etc with more than 300 different file types. In addition, it supports recovery of raw photo formats captured by DSLR cameras such as CR2, DNG, RAF, ORF, SR2, X3F, MRW, CRW, ARW, NEF, etc. This tool supports Windows and Mac operating system. So you can also use it as data recovery tool for Mac operating system.

Factors responsible for deletion / loss of picture:

Accidental deletion: The very obvious cause of picture loss is accidental deletion. The images may be deleted accidentally from any storage medium like hard drive of the computer, memory card of the digital camera, external storage device like pen drive, USB external drive etc. Photos can also be lost from the digital camera by accidentally pressing "Delete All" or "Format" option while just previewing them in the camera.

Formatting storage device: Intentional or unintentional formatting of the hard drive or any other secondary storage device leads to loss of pictures from that device. Sometimes, we need to format the storage device due to reasons such as file system corruption, virus infection or operating system malfunction etc. Then you need to use lost data recovery utility for recovering lost data.

Corruption in storage device: If storage device in which the photos are stored is corrupted due to any reason, then the photos stored inside become inaccessible. The corruption may arise due to improper device usage, power failure, accidental system shutdown or virus attack. Using the same device in different devices may also corrupt the storage device.

Interruption during file transfer: While transferring the photos from your system to the external drive or vice-versa and any interruption occurred due to any reasons like, system shutdown or abrupt removal of the external drive, there are possibilities that you might lose those pictures.

Features of picture recovery program:

Steps to retrieve picture from picture recovery program:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of the picture recovery program on your PC. If you want to recover photos from any external drive then connect it to the computer. Launch the software and select "RECOVER PHOTOS" from the main screen of the software.

Step 2: Select "RECOVER DELETED PHOTOS" to recover your deleted photos from the software wizard. Select the drive and choose the file type to be recovered. The software scans the particular file types and lists out the files and folders. Preview the files and save on the computer.

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