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Mac OS is a collection of operating system, introduced by Apple. Based on their hardware compatibility, Mac OS is further divided into two categories such as Mac OS Classic family and Mac OS X operating system. Mac OS X is again a family of Unix-based operating systems introduced by Apple Inc which is the successor of Mac OS 9, the last release of Mac OS Classic family. Different versions of Mac OS X are Mac OS 10.0, Mac OS 10.1 up to Mac OS 10.7 (Lion). The most popular feature of Mac OS is its graphical user interface. Mac OS is being frequently used by people now-a-days. Despite its advanced user-interface and hardware compatibility data loss situations are frequent in Mac operating system.

In Macintosh, data can be lost due to several factors including corrupt file system, damaged hard disk volume, etc. In such unfortunate scenarios, what will you do to salvage your important data? There is software which is recommended by several recovery professionals and organizations, the safest option is to utilize the software to recover data for Mac specifically designed to recover data on Macintosh.

Scenarios responsible for data loss in Mac:

Corrupted/Damaged catalog file: In Macintosh OS catalogue files are the most important files which are used by file manager to maintain the ordering of files and folders. The nodes of catalog files play an important role in accessing a particular file. If the catalog file is corrupted by any means then the data stored in those folders/files becomes inaccessible which leads to data loss in Mac.

Accidental Formatting of Mac Volume: Formatting any Mac volume without copying the data into any other volume can be another reason for losing data in Mac OS. Apart from that unexpected situations like forcible shut down of the system or instant power failure could be other causes of data loss in Mac operating system.

Inaccessible Mac partition: Mac volumes may become inaccessible making the data stored in them inaccessible too. The main reason behind inaccessibility of Macintosh volume can be hard drive re-partitioning or corruption. Malware attack may also corrupt a particular Mac partition. Some important data like text files, media files might get deleted during the anti-virus checking process. Incomplete Master Boot record also results in the Mac volume corruption.

Apple partition Map corruption: Data loss in Mac OS can also happen because of corruption of the Apple partition map. Journal corruption may be another reason for data loss in Mac.

Time Machine Error: Time machine takes back up for nearly everything, any kind of error in your time machine backup can cause data loss in Mac computer.

Precautions to avoid data loss in Mac operating system:

Features of data recovery program for Mac:

Steps to data recovery program for Mac:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of Data Recovery Program for Mac and select "RECOVER VOLUMES / DRIVES".

Data Recovery Program for Mac - Main screen

Step 2: Select "VOLUME RECOVERY" from the next screen to recover volume and then select the drive from where the data is lost and then select for scan.

DData Recovery Program for Mac - select recover deleted photos

Step 3: Once the scanning process is completed, the recovered data can be viewed using "FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW" option and then you can view recovered file.

Data Recovery Program for Mac - view in file type or data type

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